1953 Bittersweet @ Made in . .  Art Gallery, Venezia [dal 19 maggio su 23 giugno]

1953 Bittersweet

- 23
18:00 - 18:30

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Made in . . Art Gallery
Campiello dei lavadori de lana 270/D Santa croce, 30135 Venezia, Italia, 30135 Venice, Italy
Soshana Afroyim (September 1, 1927 – December 9, 2015) was an Austrian painter of the Modernism period. Shoshana was a full-time artist and traveled frequently, exhibiting her work internationally. During her journeys, she portrayed many well-known personalities and her art developed in different directions. Her early period artwork was largely naturalistic in nature, showing landscapes and portraits. Later her style developed towards abstract art, strongly influenced by Asian calligraphy.

Soshana struggled financially as a full-time artist in Paris. She described it as a "bittersweet time." She became acquainted with the artists Kupka, Auguste Herbin, Ossip Zadkine, César, Pignon, Bazaine, Max Ernst, Yves Kle...in, Alexander Calder, Wifredo Lam, Sam Francis, Jean-Paul Sartre, Affandi, Lain Bangdel, and Marc Chagall.She considered Alberto Giacometti one of her best friends. In 1953, Soshana met the Zurich gallery owner Max G. Bollag, who became a major promoter of her work.

In Paris, Soshana had multiple exhibitions in the André Weil Gallery and Salon d'Automne, the Salon des Réalités Nouvelles and the Salon de Mai, where she met Pablo Picasso for the first time. He invited her to visit him at his Villa in Vallauris and drew a portrait of her in 1954.
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