Access to Utopia @ Research Pavilion, Venice [dal 12 su 13 ottobre]

Access to Utopia

12 - 13
14:00 - 23:55

 Pagina di evento
Research Pavilion
Sala del Camino, Campo S. Cosmo Giudecca, 621, 30133 Venezia
A public program for a space that does not exist, yet

A collaborative project by Praxis (University of the Arts Helsinki) and CuMMA (Aalto University, Department of Art)

Whose utopia is it anyway? And how to occupy it? A public programme takes the Research Pavilion in Venice as a starting point to think about access and utopia from a perspective of prefiguration. We want to imagine something impossible. And we want to make it happen already now.

The public programme is based on performative, sound and material investigations and critical inquiries, which will seek to inhabit spaces that should not exist and insist in materialising impossible hopes. It is dedicated to imaginations of possible radical futures. With five different artistic/educational investigations we propose to exercise varied entry points into utopias proposing to listen to afterlives and share critical reflections.

With artistic, performative and discursive contributions by:
Mariabruna Fabrizi
Flo Kasearu
Olga Jitlina
Alexandra Pirici
Nataša Sienčnik

Conceptualised and organised collaboratively by Praxis and CuMMA – the two curatorial study contexts in Helsinki: Alina Belishkina, Eeva Holkeri, Elina Hämäläinen, Vera Kavaleuskaya, Aleksandra Kiskonen, Ziva Kleindienst, Vanessa Kowalski, Marharyta Liavonenka, Pamela Medina Lopez, Ingrid Orman, Miina Pohjolainen, Mariliis Rebane and Gregoire Rousseau, advised by Marko Karo, Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger and Nora Sternfeld.


14:00–16:00 “Fraternité”. Audio walk by Olga Jitlina
16:30–18:30 «Objects for No-time and No-place» Series of utopian objects. Workshop by Nataša Sienčnik
19:00 “Flat side of the earth”, Lecture by Flo Kasearu
21:00 “Tohu Bohu”, Evening program by Gregoire Rousseau
Audio performance based on score production, from technology to visual perception. Score production answers the need of doing. It is a visual form of commitment to action. Malevitch: “The new painting is built using a new esthetical action”.

14:00–16:00 “Thinking (small parts of) history together”. Workshop with Alexandra Pirici
16:30–18:30 “Building as a City / City as an Building”. Utopian walk through Giudecca island with Mariabruna Fabrizi
19:00 “Tohu Bohu”, Evening program by Gregoire Rousseau

— This event is part of the Research Pavilion’s Camino Events series, a cross-artistic program which consists of screenings, concerts, seminars, artist talks, performances and interventions from over 100 artists and artistic-researchers from art universities of Northern Europe.

The Research Pavilion is a platform for art and research that will be open in Venice from May — October in the context of the 57th Venice Biennale. The Research Pavilion is created and hosted by Uniarts Helsinki in collaboration with its partners.
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